The whole collection was designed with attention to detail. We favour the quality of our garments so use fabrics of the highest quality, preferably natural fibres.


We are aware of the impact that the fashion industry - especially fast fashion - has on the environment. Therefore, we produce in small quantities, in experienced textile mills that share the same values as us.


Our items are adaptable to the most varied body types. Due to their confection, they fit several different body shapes.


Our collection was made to be wore in many different occasions. This way, when you buy a Love & May product, you are adding to your closet and item that you can wear when and wherever you want.


We apply an adequate margin to our products and sell them online directly to the end consumer without resorting to intermediaries. Thus, we can offer our customers an advantageous quality/price compromise.


We promote and support the local economy, so all our products are produced in Portugal offering its workers dignifying and fair working conditions.


The Founder of Love & May

I am Inês, Inês Ribeiro for those who already follow me on social media or Inês Ribeiro de Sá, according to my recent citizen's card.

At an early age I realized that I wanted to do something associated with communication and I ended up graduating in Communication Sciences.

My (long) journey in the digital world started in 2012 when YouTube was just a hobby and almost “a training” tool to develop my communication skills - I wanted to be a reporter or a television presenter. At that time, I was far from imagining that digital would become my life and that it would open doors for me that I had never thought could be opened.

I am passionate about fashion and, about 3 years ago, I started looking at this industry through a different lens. If before I would buy something “just because it was beautiful”, nowadays I must say that I am a more conscious woman when it comes to my purchasing habits, privileging quality, and sustainability.

Love & May has always been a dream of mine, which has now resurfaced with one purpose: to offer conscious and sustainable fashion with quality items at fair prices. The items are versatile and can be used either for special occasions such as a wedding or christening, or for a simple snack at the beach.